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Sequoyah Manor

Nestled in Knoxville’s Sequoyah Hills, this historic English-style manor is the main residence of two physicians. SWH was tasked with transforming the site into an appropriate setting for the expanded home. By the project’s completion, the home had tripled in size, and virtually every square inch of the property had been reworked.

SWH began by defining the perimeter of the property to create a sense of intimate containment. Upon entering the grounds, the outside world disappears and one feels transported to a different place. A series of spatial thresholds maintains continuity between the manor and the surrounding gardens. The progression begins with a generous rear terrace that serves as an extension of the house and a transition to the outdoors. From the highly detailed terrace, the landscape evolves from hard to soft: formal bluestone landings give way to a lawn dotted with stately heritage trees. The result is a seamlessly unified property whose quiet seclusion affords respite from the clients’ demanding professions.

  • Original Architect: Barber McMurry
  • Photographer: Paul Hassell