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Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain has a commanding view of Chattanooga. The mountaintop 1920’s Pringle & Smith home was in need of significant site restoration. Originally commissioned by the owner’s grandfather, the home had left the family for several decades before being reacquired. SWH was tasked with updating the property while restoring a sense of continuity with the historical aesthetic.

SWH conducted extensive research to establish a historically appropriate material palette. A restored and expanded terrace was added to extend the architecture into the garden. Transitioning into the landscape, an open lawn becomes an entertainment space within an outdoor art gallery. Honoring the owner’s passion for art, SWH located a number of significant sculptures from the owner’s collection throughout the gardens. Juxtaposing the historical aesthetic with a contemporary flourish, SWH sited an infinity pool on the edge of the bluff to capitalize on dramatic views. The result is a highly personalized property that achieves a striking and harmonious dualism between contemporary and historic.

  • Original Architect: Pringle & Smith
  • Photographer: Paul Hassell