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As landscape architects and artists, we relish the opportunity to work with and for fellow creatives. Our primary goal was to support Loghaven’s mission of providing resident artists with a transformative experience — the landscape should engage the senses, foster expression, and set the stage for artists to produce their best work. 

SWH drew inspiration from many aspects of the site’s storied past. We sought to honor that past and strengthen the sense of community by clarifying circulation and increasing accessibility and connectivity to and from the site’s various structures.

The site also presented challenges. One such challenge was harmonizing the historical & contemporary architecture with the pristine natural landscape. In response, formalized entryways and outdoor gathering spaces were created for a refined aesthetic and better functionality. We also carefully curated the plant palette to minimize visual clutter and selected native plants, taking our cues from the surrounding woodland and nearby Smoky Mountains. The resulting landscape blurs the line between the natural and built environment.

  • Photographer: Neil Landino
  • Architect: Sanders Pace